Why Is Mobility So Important?

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Blog by Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function

There is a mental image I come back to time and again that perfectly demonstrates the importance of mobility for me and that is the branch of a tree. When a tree branch is alive, supple and properly nourished it can bend and sway with the wind and it takes quite a lot of force to actually injure or break a tree branch. However, if the branch is not properly nourished it becomes very rigid and brittle. Our bodies are similar in this way.

For many of us, we have spent years being told to hold our tummies in, or our back straight or sit or stand a certain way and we have followed that advice to a T. While there is nothing wrong with any movement for a time, doing the same thing over and over and over for hours at a time does not nourish our muscles, bones and connective tissue they way they need to be nourished. That over-use can create in us an environment similar to an under-nourished tree branch and our tissues can become rigid and somewhat brittle, and more prone to injury.

The strength of the tree and the strength of our bodies lies in our ability to adapt to force appropriately for the circumstances. Sometimes my neck feels like the rigid old tree branch. Sometimes my hips and back do, but I know that nourishing them with mindful, healthy movement can help restore the suppleness that brings strength and resilience.

If you're interested in learning more about adding that type of mindful, nourishing movement to your day come join my Monday Mobility class every Monday in February and March. Your body will thank you!