What Makes Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function Stand Out

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About Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function

Founded by Kathy Zumwalt, a movement coach with twenty-plus years of experience, Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function offers in-person and virtual fitness classes with a focus on core and pelvic health.

In the years since her business was established, it has grown exponentially and expanded with the help of technology. Her services are available all year round, and she is based in Hampstead, NC but has students and clients all over the world.

The Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function Difference

Kathy Zumwalt Form and Function serves a wide variety of clientele. The majority are looking to learn and gain new tools that can assist them in living a prosperous, healthy life. They are looking to improve movement and performance, not just body shape or current looks.

One aspect that makes Kathy second to none is she empowers women to feel strong and athletic and be the best version of themselves they can be.

What sets her apart is her creativity and flexibility, which allow her to assist in multiple situations and towards various goals. Her programs embrace all bodies in all shapes and sizes and provide the tools to feel great and improve performance. She also goes above and beyond to ensure you understand the why behind the what.

One of her most significant achievements has been the creation of a curriculum for a class that dramatically benefits postpartum cases and jump-starts those wanting to return to athletics. She has gotten great feedback and is proud to have already helped women worldwide return to activities they love.

Her dream for the future is to be able to operate her business from anywhere in the world. She hopes to be entirely online in the next six months.

To learn more about the classes Kathy offers, please click here. If you have any questions, she’d love to hear from you. Please contact Kathy here.