Angie Fanning

Author: Kathy Zumwalt Form And Function |


When I began working with Kathy I had just finished my first half marathon. I had been running with knee pain and hip problems for a year and wanted to get that sorted out. I also have DR from having babies that I wanted to work on. In just 3 sessions Kathy figured out which muscles were weak and need to be strengthened in order for me to be able to run without pain. I was so trilled after my second session with Kathy when I ran for the first time since 2019 without knee pain! We are still working on closing my DR but I'm already seeing progress there and I know with a few more sessions we can get that cleared up too. I used to think that a lot of things I was dealing with were "just part of having kids" but they can be fixed. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone!