Emma Krousti

Author: Kathy Zumwalt Form And Function |


Exceeded expectations - so much useful anatomical information and exercises/ massages to try. And more than that it gave me the confidence to try to run, and to know that it can be done safely with prolapse.

Symptoms were improving before I worked with you through RYC and CYC. I have continued with this. I would not have tried to run again if I hadn't worked with you. I have since done several Couch to 5k sessions, and also done a super sprint distance triathlon (2.5k run). I would not have done this without your classes. It meant so much to me to be able to do that, I enjoyed it massively, and it is important for me to feel that it's not something I "used to do". I have not had any worsening of prolapse symptoms after doing these things - prolapse has continued to improve (with the usual ups and downs, but the "ups" are improving in the long term). I used to think if symptoms worsened it was because I had tried running or something similar. I now think it's more likely to do with being tired or stressed or sitting in one position too much etc - i.e. everyday life stuff rather than exercise. Thank you so much. This is life changing for me. I have done a lot of RYC / CYC before, but your running specific info was invaluable.