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Workin' Out the Kinks

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Every Monday in November at 9:30 I am offering a class series that will focus on body parts that are often "tight" and become more-so with added stress. When you purchase the series, you will receive a 50-60 minute in-person class, equipment to help with self massage in the class and at home, a link to the class to interact with the material for one week, a private group chat to ask questions and get feedback for the duration of the series. Over the course of the series, we will address neck/shoulders, hips/back, feet/ankles/calves and thoracic spine. We will use a variety of modalities to address tightness, weakness, and imbalances. Let's head into the stress-filled holiday season feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated!

$60 for the whole series. Early bird pricing is available--save 10% if you purchase by Oct 31.*

Classes can also be purchased a la carte for $20 each and that will be the only option once the series has begun.

Series can be purchased at the Hanscom Fitness and Sports Center. You may purchase the series even if you cannot be present in person and you will still receive the link and all other inclusions. 

*If you want to take the class, but it is cost prohibitive, please call me and let's see if we can work something out. 808-500-4196