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Focus on Form to Achieve Function


  • Identify movement patterns that are hindering core function and healing
  • Find healthy alignment, so your muscles and tissues can work optimally
  • Discover new movement strategies to move pain free and improve perfomance


  • Integrate new strategies into your daily life
  • Elevate your lifestyle and/or your sport performance
  • Gain strength and stability you've never experienced before by strengthening your core and pelvic floor--the keystone to the body.
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Classes and one-on-one consultations available!

Over half of all women will experience one or more of these issues in their lifetime.

  • Leaking urine when running, sneezing, jumping, coughing
  • Constant back pain
  • A weak core or a gap in the core wall (diastasis recti)
  • A bulging sensation in the pelvic floor
  • Hip discomfort
  • Painful or unfulfilling intercourse
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Chronic hemorrhoids

Often these issues are brushed off as “normal”, however they are anything but normal and cause major quality of life issues. If you'd like to start the process to improve any of these things book an assessment session now. If you have more questions contact me and feel free to ask anything!

Know More About Me!

Looking to return to or improve your performance in your sport? I would love to help. I offer sport specific recorded workouts and one on one training. I am also a certified pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach so I am happy to help navigate that season in a thoughtful and strategic way.

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Certified Pregnancy Coach
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  • Star

    I can play with my son. 

    I now have both the confidence and the tools to get back to running again! I no longer feel heaviness when I am running.

    Apart from the obvious getting back to running for exercise and stress relief.

    Claire, UK
  • Star

    Enjoy Moving

    I gained confidence through your class to experiment, be curious, not label anything as permanently off limits, and to give myself permission to let go of being analytical all the time and just enjoy.

  • Star


    It really is a life-changer to feel like I can move in challenging ways again, and no longer feeling that everything that gets my heart rate up is off limits.

  • Star

    The [Return to Impact] classes were very informative. The exercises introduced at the Last class could be introduced in the 1st one and encourage people to start them right away so it would be easier for them to ask questions and make their own assessments throughout the series.

    My tight hip flexor has maybe improved a bit. Definitely don't experience extreme hamstring pain like I used to. Just have twice slightly but I seem to have a better understanding of what to do to prevent and fix that.

    Emily Dell
  • I was surprised at how helpful it was to hear other attendees talk about their blind spots or concerns. It helped me pinpoint my own.

    I wanted some actionable exercises and tips for running faster and longer without injury. I've used several elements of the program--the lean, running uphill, practicing the running woman/getting my body aligned before running, etc.--to increase the speed of my jogging practice.

    I'm able to run at a faster, more intense pace without feeling strain in my knees and achilles tendon. I'm still building up to longer runs, but the change in intensity has been so great. I can push myself in all the good ways without pushing my body too hard in the bad ways.

    [Return to Impact Class]

  • Star

    I now have both the confidence and the tools to get back to running again. I worked through the exercises provided and then started slowly working through the couch to 5k program.

    Overall they have improved, but in particular I no longer feel heaviness when I am running.

    Apart from the obvious getting back to running for exercise and stress relief, I now feel more free to run around with my son, which he is loving too!

    [Return to Impact Class]

    Claire Pearson
  • Star

    Exceeded expectations - so much useful anatomical information and exercises/ massages to try. And more than that it gave me the confidence to try to run, and to know that it can be done safely with prolapse.

    Symptoms were improving before I worked with you through RYC and CYC. I have continued with this. I would not have tried to run again if I hadn't worked with you. I have since done several Couch to 5k sessions, and also done a super sprint distance triathlon (2.5k run). I would not have done this without your classes. It meant so much to me to be able to do that, I enjoyed it massively, and it is important for me to feel that it's not something I "used to do". I have not had any worsening of prolapse symptoms after doing these things - prolapse has continued to improve (with the usual ups and downs, but the "ups" are improving in the long term). I used to think if symptoms worsened it was because I had tried running or something similar. I now think it's more likely to do with being tired or stressed or sitting in one position too much etc - i.e. everyday life stuff rather than exercise. Thank you so much. This is life changing for me. I have done a lot of RYC / CYC before, but your running specific info was invaluable.

    Emma Krousti
  • Star

    Life Changing

    I would not have tried to run again if I hadn't worked with you. I have since done several Couch to 5k sessions, and also done a super sprint distance triathlon (2.5k run). I would not have done this

    Emma, UK
  • Star

    When I began working with Kathy I had just finished my first half marathon. I had been running with knee pain and hip problems for a year and wanted to get that sorted out. I also have DR from having babies that I wanted to work on. In just 3 sessions Kathy figured out which muscles were weak and need to be strengthened in order for me to be able to run without pain. I was so trilled after my second session with Kathy when I ran for the first time since 2019 without knee pain! We are still working on closing my DR but I'm already seeing progress there and I know with a few more sessions we can get that cleared up too. I used to think that a lot of things I was dealing with were "just part of having kids" but they can be fixed. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone!

    Angie Fanning
  • Star

    Kathy uses her knowledge and experience to help her clients work within their individual abilities. She is excellent at explaining things on how the body functions and why/how to go through movements. I have greatly benefited from working with her!

    Erin Howe
  • Star

    Kathy is an excellent trainer who has helped both me and my husband overcome some hip/back pain and core strength issues. I've always been a little wary about online training/fitness, but Kathy makes you feel like you're in the room with her. She's so attentive, professional, and thorough. She can create full, challenging workout plans for you, or be great addition to your current fitness regimen. Her mobility work is my favorite, and I'm confident she is helping me stay limber while learning how to properly use my core. Trust me, you need Kathy!

    Jessi Couser
  • Star

    I'd already taken RYC for Runners with you. I knew I enjoyed your style and personality already.

    I was very overwhelmed at first, and it really wasn't till the last class when I understood that I was learning the blocks to use to build a long term training plan. The last class made it all make sense. I love the structure of the stages and training categories. This will really help me get back to running.


    [Return to Impact]

  • Star

    Knowledgeable, Personable

    Kathy is knowledgeable, personable, and an excellent teacher. I learned things from Kathy that I never knew, even after years of appointments, physical therapy sessions, and chiropractor visits.

    Mallory, USA

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